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Slovenology is part memoir, part essay collection, part travel writing, and part guidebook. It is meant to act as a guide-in-hand while visiting Slovenia, but it can be read just as well from the comfort of your own home to give you a deep­er and more colorful sense of what it’s like to live in this remarkable, little-known country. Slovenology combines an outsider’s perspective with the af­fection and local knowledge of a long-term resident: an en­gaging account of living in a singular country, and a punchy guide to traveling in it. John Stubbs, award-winning literary biographer I’ve got the key to the city of Cleveland. But everyone keeps saying Slovenia’s great. I want to go. Bill Murray in an interview with Noah in Esquire Magazine Charney is hardwired to the bountiful heart and soul of one of Europe’s most unsung and engaging countries. Chris Eckman, award-winning musician and producer Noah Charney, b. 1979 in New Haven, is an American writer and professor. He is the author of hundreds of articles published also in The Washington Post and The Guardian, and a dozen books, including the best-selling novel The Art Thief. He likes to define himself as an American who has always felt more at home in Eu­rope. You can find more about him at

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